The girls’ passion for Cava,, Feb 19

Philip Dunne, Head Sommelier at Dublin’s Westbury Hotel, interviewed some friends & colleagues in the industry to find out where their passion for wine came from.

Interview, February 2019....

"Anna and Vanessa are the owners of one of Dublin’s consistently best restaurants over the last five years ‘Las Tapas de Lola’. They also directly import some incredible Spanish wines, which are found exclusively in their famous restaurant on Wexford Street in Dublin 2.

Our joint love affair would have to be our cava from Can Paixano, a place steeped in history for Lola. When I (Vanessa) lived in Barcelona in the early ’90s, I lived in Can Paixano, a fantastic champanería there for generations. When I met Anna (& fell madly in love), we discovered she used to visit Can Paixano with her family on a regular basis too. It’s an institution.

We decided, should we ever open our own place, the only cava we would stock would be from there. And so, it is. Whenever we visit Anna’s family, the first thing we do, straight off the plane, is head to Can Paixano for a glass of Rosat (pink bubbles) and a bocadillo." 

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