McKenna Guides Ireland Awards Las Tapas De Lola, 2018

Delighted to be on McKenna Guides Ireland Award list for 2018

"The secret of Las Tapas de Lola is more than the gutsy, flavourful little plates of tasty food they create. The secret, in fact, is the energetic abandon of everyone who gets swathed in the hospitality of owners Anna and Vanessa. Las Tapas de Lola is spirited and vivid, and everyone is encouraged to enjoy themselves. The place is usually humming, so much so you might find yourselves sitting outside at their semi-outdoor tables in the streetside lean-to. Don’t worry, even if you find yourself here in the dead of winter. They’ll light candles, bring you a blanket, and even wrap it around you.

Small tables, bentwood chairs and red cushions give the room the feel of a bar rather than a restaurant, which is more than appropriate for tapas. Tapas is party food, which means there’s a gathering going on here every night of the week. The large menus serve as place mats, covering the tables and tempting you to go on ordering, whilst the sharing plates of food come on tiles and in terra cotta cazuelas and every classic Spanish dish you’ve ever heard of seems to be here: bacalao; arros negre; pimientos de padrón; paella; croquettas; tortilla; patatas bravas.

No wonder everyone loves it, and we mean everyone. Fault-finding, finicky, hairsplitting critics. Epicurean grumblers. Experts and aesthetes. One and all dissolve into puddles when Las Tapas de Lola gets mentioned. At the end of the meal, they send you home with the bill, and a little packet of love hearts to sweeten it. What’s not to love about Las Tapas de Lola."