Las Tapas De Lola imports two new delicious wines to Dublin, Nov 18

Delighted to receive today our delivery of Pansa Blanca & llavors all the way from Catalunya. Read more about how we discovered these delish wines.

A few years back we (Anna & Vanessa) made a trip into the interior of Catalunya and the Empordà wine region where we ate and drank some of the most beautiful food & wine.

One such wine was llavors pictured above enjoyed with an amazing lunch we had on our travels. We loved it so much we visited the winery La Vinyeta that makes this beautiful wine (who also won "Best Catalan Winery 2018"). You could say we even bought the t-shirt! Well the wine openers that we treasure and use to this day! 

We also went for a break to Ibiza to rest our weary bones (as you do).

While having lunch in Es Torrent (pictured above), we ordered a Pansa Blanca that we immediately fell in love with. We discovered that it was made by Gleva Estates in Alella, right next door to Anna's hometown. We thought it was a sign.

So we imported these two babies exclusively to Lola. Now pouring and delish!