Gastrogays highlight some of their fave LGBT owned spots for Pride, Jun 18

Delighted to be listed with such a fab crew of LGBT hospitality owners..

"Good luck if you want to get a table this week at Dublin’s best Spanish tapas restaurant! We’re sure Anna and Vanessa will be thronged week-long, and this duo – partners in both life and in business – are stalwarts of the Dublin dining scene even though they only opened their tapas bar and restaurant on Wexford Street a mere five years ago. Pride is always a hugely busy week for them, but if you manage to book in, you will have the most warm, loving and convivial dining experience of the week – especially if the sun shines on their gorgeous little terrace!"

"Hiberno-Iberian flair, coupled with endless professionalism and passion, makes Las Tapas de Lola shine brighter than most in Dublin. It’s fabulous, it’s fuego, it’s fun, it’s fancy, it’s fantastic, time after time. We have so much love for these two, also major friends of ours and huge supporters of us, and we’ve written at lengthabout why we love this place so much along with our picks from the expansive menu, so go read and get booking!"