Fifi’s Food Blog Dublin, Oct 18

Delighted to see Fifi's take on Las Tapas De Lola in her blog this month

Last week I ate out in so many delicious restaurants and foodie spots such as Square One,  Las Tapas de Lola, Bewley’s, Bunsen,Coppinger Row, The Rolling Donut, Scoop, San Sab and Jamie’s Italian.

Wow listing it out like that makes me realise how much food I actually consume on a week to week basis. Maybe this week should be a healthy week……….. (Odds are I will continue to eat pizza all week as usual though)

It was so hard to choose my this week’s must among all of those insanely tasty places but eventually I decided the place you all absolutely must go and try is……Las Tapas de Lola!

(A very dramatic introduction for what was already written in the title of this blog post!)

Prior to this week, I had never eaten in Las Tapas de Lola  before. It had been recommended to me by countless people but for some reason or another, I had just never gotten around to giving it a try.  MY GOD had I been missing out????

If you have ever been here you will understand the deliciousness of every tapas dish on their menu and get me. If you have not yet tried here, add it to your list ASAP.

Las Tapas de Lola is situated on Wexford Street in the middle of town. We went on Thursday without making a reservation and were lucky enough to be seated in their gorgeous alcove of outdoor seating. It is completely covered (so we didn’t get cold!) but looks out upon the busy street it’s situated on due to it being made entirely of glass. It was a gorgeous place to be seated.

Our waiter arrived over with two tasting glasses of Tinto de Verano on the house. I thought this was such a nice touch. I am not sure if they do this every night, but everybody in the restaurant that night was lucky enough to taste their delicious take on the Spanish wine-based drink. Hopefully it is a regular occurrence!

She then recommended ordering 5/6 tapas dishes between us to share. We started off with a plate of olives and ordered 5 more following them.

The first dish we chose was the ‘Patatas bravas y allioli’. This was fried potatoes covered in a spicy tomato and aioli sauce. It was 5.25 euro and incredibly tasty.  The second dish was the ‘Queso cordobés’, which was a grilled goats cheese with house made marmalade. This was hands down my favourite, and for 6.25 euro it was quite reasonable. The goats cheese was warm and melted in your mouth. I am still dreaming about it. 

The third dish was the ‘Chorizo frito y morcilla’. A chorizo and black pudding tapas dish. It was 7.50 euro. It came with two tiny pieces of toasted bread and both the chorizo and the pudding were so juicy. Delicious. The fourth dish was ‘Puntillitas’; fried baby squid tentacles for 7.75 euro. The thought of tentacles might be enough to turn some people off but these were so tasty and really fresh. We both loved them.

The final tapas dish (before dessert!), was ‘Cazuelita de arroz negro’, black rice with seafood, squid ink and alioli for 6.95 euro. This tapas dish was so interesting and completely different to anything I had ever tried before. The squid ink had a sharp taste but complimented the rest of the dish incredibly well. I would definitely order it again!

Finally, I ordered the ‘Churros con chocolate’, because there is always a separate compartment in my stomach ready for a dessert, no matter how full I am! Does anyone else feel this way about dessert…………??  It was AMAZING. The chocolate was warm and the churros were so sugary. The perfect combination.

Overall, my experience in Las Tapas de Lola was amazing from start to finish. The food was incredible, the service was outstanding and the atmosphere was buzzy but relaxed. This is a must try for any of you who have never been here before, and for anyone who has already been…It’s time for a second visit!

Check out my blog again in a week for the next must try spot.