Sin Carne / Pescado

Queso cordobés

€ 6.50

Grilled goat's cheese with our house tomato marmalade

3 visits wasn't enough

When in Seville a number of years back for just three days, we came across a great bar called La Bodega on Calle Alfalfa. That's where we first tasted their queso cordobés and fell in love. So much so we returned 3 times over the 3 days just to try it again.

Before opening we called, not thinking they'd remember us, but they did (18 months later!), and they kindly gave us their supplier. So now we can bring the cheese direct from Córdoba to Wexford Street served with our delicious tomato marmalade.

The Bar Alfalfa across the road is a great place for a drink too.

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