Our Menus

We're passionate about our food and hope you can be too. Here you can check out our tapas, drinks, wines and even our group menus for larger parties - perfect for that friends and family gathering!

"It is all of them: stunningly, stonkingly, wickedly good. A culinary tour de force, a revelation. It is that rare thing. You should beg, borrow or steal to eat there. It's mouthwatering, it's moreish, and it's yummy. Did I mention delicious? And toothsome? And (God forgive me) nyom. It's the bee's knees, the cat's meow, the dog's bollocks. It is all these things – and so much more. It is superlative." Independent, Food & Drink, 17/5/13

If the fancy takes you, you can also find out the reasoning behind some of the dishes on our menu by simply clicking the "More info" icon... it gives you a bit of background to our madness!