So refreshing with up to 8 different ingredients
Made to our Cabrera family recipe

The History Behind Sangria

Sangria has deviated so far from its simple origins it’s nearly unrecognizable. Traditional sangria goes back, way back, as wine mixed with whatever is nearby.

Early Greeks and Romans mixed their wine with sugar, spices, and whatever was on hand. It was called “hippocras”, and was sometimes heated like a mulled wine.

There are many variations of sangrias. Traditionally, it’s made with Spanish tempranillo, amongst other wines, with added citrus fruit. However, no sangria is ever made the same. Each family has their own twist to their recipe. You’ll also find white and sparkling sangrias.

Today, under European law, all sangria must be made in Spain or Portugal. The best sangria, however, is homemade and we make ours to our Cabrera family recipe.

For most Spanish, sangria (and its kid sister tinto de verano) was simply a way to drink red wine in the crazy heat of summer, a delicious way to cool down, whilst enjoying some delish tapas and great company.

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